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After wearing individualized, “non-traditional brain glasses,” the patient began speaking in a meaningful way for the first time, later indicating that the lenses helped dampen “loudness” and overwhelming Mind soundandsignificantly enha:ced the patient’s awareness of self in the surrounding environment.

Learning Difficulties

Most recognized examples of such disabilities are attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorders, described elsewhere on this web site, but they are not the only ones. Experts detail a variety of other learning issues.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Psychiatry report that as many as one in five individuals who have sustained a mild head injury will develop mental health conditions, such as major depressive disorder, personality changes and behavioral abnormalities.

Dr. Zelinsky Addressed N20 World Summit

Internationally noted for her work on the retina and the its impact on brain function, physiology and mental health, Dr. Zelinsky is the first optometrist ever invited to address the prestigious N20 World Brain Mapping & Therapeutic Neuroscience Summit.

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An Emergent & Convergent 21st Century Science

The Mind-Eye Institute is an optometry practice with an emphasis on neuro-optometric rehabilitation that provides world-class care by healing the brain and body with state-of-the-art corrective lenses. Through groundbreaking research and innovative treatments, Dr. Zelinsky and her team have been creating life-changing experiences for nearly 30 years.

Clinics of Excellence

At the Mind-Eye Institute, we are committed to treating the whole patient, not just their eyes. We’re building a sustainable community of care and services for those in need of recovery from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Post-Concussive Syndrome, challenges related to Autism, as well as learning and developmental challenges. Clinics of Excellence will train new doctors across the country and around the world to facilitate fast access to the Mind-Eye Institute’s proprietary insights and technology.


Education & Technology

The Mind-Eye Academy & Campus (our visual rehabilitation center) complements the benefits of our prescriptive lenses by assisting with enhanced recovery speed and proactive discovery of the fastest, easiest ways to maximize your visual performance. The Mind-Eye Technology Center strategically applies new technologies to the creation of helpful products to benefit people of all ages, whether they have a brain injury, are misaligned, or simply wish to work or play more efficiently.

Research & Development

The Mind-Eye Research Division focuses on mining the secrets of retinal, electrical and biochemical connections and how they affect cardiac, endocrine, neurological and other systems. Dr. Zelinsky’s leadership and collaboration with other patent holders and world-renowned researchers ensures enhanced care for our patients–first through appropriate beta testing, and then through the introduction of world-premier scientific discoveries.


A Mind•Eye Story

“Dr. Zelinsky was a life saver for my daughter.”

Latest News

On Seeing The Brain

Mind•eye Media: On ‘Seeing’ The Brain Mind-Eye Institute to study how retinal perception of light affects brain‘Seeing’ Brain Problems Differently Through the ‘Mind’s Eye’   Sometimes resolving problems of the brain is simply a matter of looking at them...

Harvard Dean Says “Read It”

Mind•eye Media: Harvard Dean Says "Read It!" Author Calls ‘Magic’ the Mind-Eye Glasses That Aided His Recovery“Read it. First weep, then smile broadly.” This is how Daniel Federmann, M.D., dean emeritus of the Harvard School of Medical Education, described a 2015 book...

World Leader

Mind•eye Media: World Leader Mind-Eye Institute Press Release‘World Leader in Understanding How Light Affects Brain Chairs Neuro-Optometry Panel at Brain-Mapping Congress’   Sometimes resolving problems of the brain is simply a matter of looking at them...

More Success Stories

Honor Roll

Mind•eye Media: Honor Roll Mind-Eye Institute Press ReleaseEyeglasses Send Her from Learning Disabled to Honor Roll‘Goofy Tests’ at Mind-Eye Institute Pinpoint Peripheral Sight Problems’ She went from learning disabled to honor roll – all because of some “goofy tests”...

‘Brain’ Glasses Help

Success Stories: ‘Brain’ Glasses Help Shooting Victim Read, Write Again Mind-Eye Institute Testing Puts Patient on Road to ‘Amazing’ Recovery Doctors told the 18-year-old gunshot victim that her eyesight would not likely improve much beyond a year – “but they were...

Dr. Z Was A Life-Saver

Success Stories: Dr. Z Was A Life-Saver by Cheryl R, Illinois "Dr. Z was a life-saver for my daughter. We had no idea that her vision was not normal. Apparently, my daughter was seeing on a slant, her vision was narrow and her mind could not comprehend what she was...

Just Brilliant

Success Stories: Just Brilliant by Allison L, Illinois "When my daughter was 8 months, we went to see a physical therapist to help with issues [she] had with crawling. The physical therapist referred us to Dr. Zelinsky's practice. At the time, I did not see how her...

Can’t Thank You Enough

Success Stories: Can't Thank You Enough by Scott & Stefanie P, Illinois "We just wanted to let you know how truly in awe we are of the work you have done with our daughter. We have to admit, when we first heard of your work, we were skeptical. But, after our first...


Success Stories: Miraculous Transformation by Elsa D, Illinois "[My] older boy Stephan (11 years old) has had his glasses on since this summer. Last year, when he lived in Ingleside with his maternal aunt and uncle, he was failing 5th grade. He had to visit the social...

Worth the Time

Success Stories: Worth the Time, Travel, and Money by Deb HHow do you properly thank someone who has literally given you your life back? I saw Dr. Zelinsky yesterday in Chicago, and have only one minor phase of treatment left, which will end with a phone consult in...

Sleeping Beauty

Success Stories: Sleeping Beauty by Rachel H "After making plans to go to Chicago, I remembered that I'd heard of an optometrist who specialized in vision recovery and brain injury. Dr. Zelinksy made time to see Eleni during our stay. At first, our sleeping beauty...

Miracles & Tape

Success Stories: Miracles & Two Pieces of Tape by Ryan R "To write a brief testimonial of my experience with you is difficult. I am in the process of writing a book based on my recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury. Your work is central to the basis of the...

World Becomes Clearer

Success Stories: The World Becomes Clearer by Dena C "I wrote this letter to help you understand that what Dr. Zelinsky does is not just research, but truly a path for people to change their lives for the better. When you're able to fully understand what you see, this...

Thinking Outside The Box

Success Stories: Think Outside The Box by Tracey G "One year ago last week, my son suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which after 5 months left him unable to read in spite of a 20/20 vision diagnosis at our local optometrist. This was quite unnerving as he was...

On Teaching The Brain

success stories: On Teachingthe Brain by Ryan R To write you a brief testimonial based on my experience with you and with the Mind Eye Connection is difficult for one reason, and for one reason only. The difficulty lies in the fact that the testimonial is to be brief....


Success Stories: Josslen by Michelle H  I wanted to send you this letter to express my gratitude for all you have done for my 9 year old daughter, Josslen. Her overall happiness has improved drastically since our first visit to you in Feb 2015 at the Mind-Eye...

The Purple Kid’s Retinas

Success Stories: The Purple Kid’s Retinas by Clark EliottIn 1999, I suffered a concussion (mTBI) from a minor car crash that left me quite severely impaired for eight years. I was universally told by leading physicians, “no one in your situation ever gets better.” Yet...

After 40 Doctors

Success Stories: After 40 Doctors by Nathalie K  After suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury for 8 years and trying everything, I am finally seeing steady improvements in the last 8 months since seeing Dr. Zelinsky. I literally have been to 40 doctors and 40...

Worth Going To See

Success Stories: So Worth Going To See This Doctor by Tiffany S.I have been taking my son Grant to mind eye connection for 10 years! Yes, 10 years and I am still truly amazed at how her techniques and bell test still help my son with his auditory processing disorder....

Make The Connection

'Dr. Zelinsky Is Revered'

~ Norman Doidge, M.D. & Clark Elliott, Ph.D. praise her accomplishments

"Zelinsky fit Elliott with a series of eyeglasses designed to improve the perceptual damage that made his life so difficult... Getting fitted for Zelinsky's eyeglasses is like no eye appointment you've ever had... Now, Elliott says, he is almost entirely symptom-free, able to problem-solve, multi-task and find his way easily — all abilities he lost in the auto accident in 1999. When he put on his Phase VI glasses he felt something that he hadn't felt for years: "I felt normal."

Review: 'The Ghost in My Brain'
- The Chicago Tribune

"I visited Dr. Zelinsky, and she showed me how she can use optical lenses to alter sensory filtering, by directing light to different retinal cells and brain circuits. This can influence activity in the brain and the hypothalamus to better regulate body chemistry, sensory integration, and even some auditory processing. [Dr. Zelinsky] works frequently with patients working with learning and cognitive disorders as well as TBIs."

- Norman Doidge, M.D.

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