Success Stories:

Miracles & Two Pieces of Tape

by Ryan R

 “To write a brief testimonial of my experience with you is difficult. I am in the process of writing a book based on my recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury. Your work is central to the basis of the text. I am thankful for you, and for your expertise, every single minute of every day.

After having suffered a six-week coma and a severe traumatic brain injury, my balance, coordination, and vision were greatly impaired. I literally saw double the first time that I walked into your clinic, and continued to see double for over two years following that day.

During my first visit to your office, you sensed my frustration and impatience, and you put a pair of glasses on me, which allowed me to see single! You said, that you were able to prescribe me these glasses, right now. However, I would need them for the rest of my life, and you would strongly prefer not to. You now had my attention! You said that you would rather train my brain to learn proprioception and how the mind and the brain are directly connected to the eyes and muscles.

Every minute of every day that I am seeing single is because of your expertise and guidance.

I heeded your advice, and saw double for over two years. Even while wearing the special prism glasses that you prescribed, I still saw double. After two years, through hard work, discipline, and diligence under your guidance and prescriptions, I was able to see single. I’ve been seeing single since November 13, 2013. 

There are very few, if any, doctors in the United States, or in the world, who have the ability to teach the brain how to see and to coordinate the connection between the brain and the eyes. 

As I tell everyone in my life, and as I have told you several times, I am thankful every single minute of every single day, for your work and your expertise, and for your commitment to your patients and your respect for their lives. Every minute of every day that I am seeing single is because of your expertise and guidance. Seeing single again is beyond any words that I may every write.”

~Ryan R

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