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Honor Roll

Mind•eye Media: Honor Roll Mind-Eye Institute Press ReleaseEyeglasses Send Her from Learning Disabled to Honor Roll‘Goofy Tests’ at Mind-Eye Institute Pinpoint Peripheral Sight Problems’ She went from learning disabled to honor roll – all because of some “goofy tests”...

On Seeing The Brain

Mind•eye Media: On ‘Seeing’ The Brain Mind-Eye Institute to study how retinal perception of light affects brain‘Seeing’ Brain Problems Differently Through the ‘Mind’s Eye’   Sometimes resolving problems of the brain is simply a matter of looking at them...

Harvard Dean Says “Read It”

Mind•eye Media: Harvard Dean Says "Read It!" Author Calls ‘Magic’ the Mind-Eye Glasses That Aided His Recovery“Read it. First weep, then smile broadly.” This is how Daniel Federmann, M.D., dean emeritus of the Harvard School of Medical Education, described a 2015 book...

World Leader

Mind•eye Media: World Leader Mind-Eye Institute Press Release‘World Leader in Understanding How Light Affects Brain Chairs Neuro-Optometry Panel at Brain-Mapping Congress’   Sometimes resolving problems of the brain is simply a matter of looking at them...

‘Brain’ Glasses Help

Success Stories: ‘Brain’ Glasses Help Shooting Victim Read, Write Again Mind-Eye Institute Testing Puts Patient on Road to ‘Amazing’ Recovery Doctors told the 18-year-old gunshot victim that her eyesight would not likely improve much beyond a year – “but they were...

Dr. Z Was A Life-Saver

Success Stories: Dr. Z Was A Life-Saver by Cheryl R, Illinois "Dr. Z was a life-saver for my daughter. We had no idea that her vision was not normal. Apparently, my daughter was seeing on a slant, her vision was narrow and her mind could not comprehend what she was...

Just Brilliant

Success Stories: Just Brilliant by Allison L, Illinois "When my daughter was 8 months, we went to see a physical therapist to help with issues [she] had with crawling. The physical therapist referred us to Dr. Zelinsky's practice. At the time, I did not see how her...

Can’t Thank You Enough

Success Stories: Can't Thank You Enough by Scott & Stefanie P, Illinois "We just wanted to let you know how truly in awe we are of the work you have done with our daughter. We have to admit, when we first heard of your work, we were skeptical. But, after our first...


Success Stories: Miraculous Transformation by Elsa D, Illinois "[My] older boy Stephan (11 years old) has had his glasses on since this summer. Last year, when he lived in Ingleside with his maternal aunt and uncle, he was failing 5th grade. He had to visit the social...

Worth the Time

Success Stories: Worth the Time, Travel, and Money by Deb HHow do you properly thank someone who has literally given you your life back? I saw Dr. Zelinsky yesterday in Chicago, and have only one minor phase of treatment left, which will end with a phone consult in...


The Mind-Eye Institute was established in 2018 to expand Dr. Deborah Zelinsky’s ground-breaking clinical applications and studies, which are significantly enhancing scientific understanding of how manipulation of light entering through the eye’s retina can impact brain function, nerve pathways and body chemistry.

The goal ultimately is to benefit the millions of patients who now struggle with symptoms from brain injuries including concussions, learning problems and other neurological disorders that are not able to be helped sufficiently with standard treatments.

The Institute team is particularly focused on helping patients rebuild brain pathways or develop new pathways to enhance their ability to learn, understand and interact normally with others. Some of the challenges are from a diagnosis of autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD and ADHD), dyslexia, dyscalculia, auditory processing disorder, and visual perceptual/visual motor deficits. The Mind-Eye Institute emphasizes linkages, rather than separate processing systems.

To date, our work has positively impacted many lives – those of children and adults — but, to continue being successful, the Mind-Eye Institute needs your financial support.

Help us help others, especially those school-age children whose deficits prevent them from being successful both in the classroom and in normal social situations with their peers.

If you have a passion for helping others or are a Mind-Eye patient who has benefited in the past from the care provided by Dr. Zelinsky and her team, please consider a donation to the Mind-Eye Institute.

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